Stormlight Entertainment and Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment have joined together to present Legion of 5, created by Stan Lee. Legion of 5 is the start of a franchise which Stan Lee created before he passed away. This project starts with five new super heroes and 6 super villians. We are excited to present the LEGION UNIVERSE. Movie one of this franchise brings the genius and creativity of Stan Lee once again to the world. Five young heroes, mistakenly armed with super abilities, struggle with personal issues as they join together to fight a super-powered force which the military cannot control. 

Partner Companies

LEGION is a Stan Lee Franchise: We plan to create the LEGION UNIVERSE. This franchise will begin with the new superheroes and and super villains created by Stan Lee and will continue with sequels, spin offs and the merging of other superhero films created to join the universe. We plan to continue the successful format established by Stan Lee as is seen in the MARVEL UNIVERSE and by others franchises such as the STAR WARS UNIVERSE, DC UNIVERSE, HARRY POTTER UNIVERSE, etc…